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Affordable Clinical Trial Data Management Without Compromise: The TrialKit Story

Discover how TrialKit by Crucial Data Solutions offers affordable, scalable, and comprehensive clinical trial data management without compromising on quality. Learn about its robust features, ease of use, and real-world case studies that demonstrate its effectiveness for research teams of all sizes

TrialKit: Your Comprehensive Solution for Non-Interventional Studies

Non-interventional studies pose data management challenges. TrialKit offers a solution with features like real-world data integration, wearable compatibility, and mobile access to streamline data collection and boost engagement in your research.

Why Native Apps Trump Web Apps for Security & Performance in Clinical Research

Struggling with clunky web apps for your clinical research? This article explores how secure, high-performing native apps can streamline data collection, enhance patient engagement, and ultimately improve your trials.

Myth or Fact: The Future of Electronic Data Capture

Let’s debunk some of the common myths around the current and future state of EDC systems plaguing the industry today.

Simplify Complex Trials: Unify Your Data with
a Centralized eClinical Platform

While the data and designs of clinical trials grow more complex, the solutions for managing them do not have to be. Learn more about how TrialKit helps research teams address this shift.

Increasing Clinical Trial Diversity – The Right Technologies and Strategies for Reaching Underserved Patient Populations

With diversity planning now mandated by U.S. law, sponsors must now take steps to move the needle when it comes to recruiting and enrolling more representative pools of patients. To accomplish this, study leaders can rely on flexible, end-to-end solutions like TrialKit to provide for remote data collection and access via mobile devices like smartphones.

Driving Customer Profitability with Enterprise Model eClinical Platform and Pricing

The key to accelerating the development of safe, effective therapies, all while improving clinical trial diversity, is utilizing technologies that allow researchers to do more with less. Learn how TrialKit’s Enterprise subscription model helps accomplish this in this white paper Challenge Series piece.

Setting the Stage for Patient-Centered Trials: The Value of Unifying eClinical Technology

Learn how with a unified, end-to-end mobile eClinical platform, one can collect more accurate data at the source and achieve better data faster, enabling quicker, more confident decisions all while delivering improved patient experiences.

Decentralized Trials

This infographic depicts how the TrialKit platform enables you to move your studies beyond the site, with its features that were purpose-built for virtual or hybrid study approaches.

TrialKit Platform

The features and functionality of the TrialKit platform allow ALL users to collect, access, and manage study data from anywhere, using both web-based and native mobile app interfaces.