TrialKit Clinical Trial Technology: Who We Serve

The most flexible SaaS platform for medical device, biotech, and academic clinical research.

Looking for a technology partner with every app you need to run your studies?

TrialKit is a unified cloud-based platform purpose-built for clinical trials and medical research. From EDC through to robust reporting and analytics, TrialKit has everything you need to run your studies yourself. Since 2010, TrialKit has supported clinical trials of all types for the following industries:

Medical Device & Diagnostics

Accelerate the path to regulatory submission and clearance with a unified data collection and study management platform. Get real-time visibility across workflows.

Generate robust reports supported by high-quality data. Easily integrate electronic health record (EHR) data into your EDC to expedite post-market surveillance studies.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Get ahead in the first-to-market race by building your studies in days, not weeks. Run studies on our AWS-hosted cloud or connect multiple private clouds for compliant global studies.

No matter how complex or data-heavy your study, TrialKit has the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.


Move to database lock weeks faster than with rigid data platforms. Conduct traditional, hybrid/decentralized, and completely virtual clinical trials with a platform that works on both web and mobile applications.

Slash operational costs by expediting study builds and nearly eliminating source data verification (SDV). Promote your brand with white label and custom URL options.

Academic Institutions & Non-Profit Organizations

Conduct data-intensive registry studies on time and on budget with our affordable solution. Use our full platform or pair select modules with your existing software.

Our open API architecture enables easy integration of data to/from any external system or database, including wearables and electronic medical record (EMR) systems.







TrialKit is Your Data Solution for All Study Types

TrialKit supports all study models, therapeutic areas, and levels of complexity. And with real-time data access and transparent pricing, TrialKit provides an affordable solution to your complex data demands.

Site-Based Clinical Trials

TrialKit offers the only mobile-native EDC that you can use in traditional site-based trials as well as hybrid/decentralized and fully remote trials. And its ease of use and single sign-on capabilities dramatically lower site burden.

Patient Registry Studies

Eliminate time-consuming data cleaning with TrialKit’s digital data collection and management capabilities. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for any authorized user to build studies and enter data. Robust tracking and reporting capabilities ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Real-World Evidence Studies

Conduct Phase 4 studies faster with TrialKit. Get greater visibility into your data compared to siloed “best of breed” approaches with our unified platform. This seamless approach helps you launch and execute your studies in less time and at a lower cost. EHR-to-EDC capabilities eliminate data-cleaning headaches.

Decentralized Trials

Incorporate virtual visits, wearables, and other patient-centric options without a glitch with a platform built for mobile from the get-go. Available via mobile or web app, TrialKit accommodates hybrid/decentralized and fully remote clinical trials. BYOD, SSO, and translations in 16 languages make it easier for patients to participate.