Data Reporting and Analytics with TrialKit Drive

Get the insights you need to advance your clinical trials.

Review your clinical trial metrics in the moment with real-time reporting.

Keep your study on track with robust reports driven by AI-powered analytics. Make data-driven business decisions by integrating with your preferred business intelligence tool.

  • One of the standout features of TrialKit is its easy reporting capabilities. I could seamlessly export entire datasets providing clinical and data teams with valuable insights into the study progress and easy visibility into data issues. The detailed reports provided by TrialKit became an indispensable tool for the entire clinical team.

    Head of Clinical Operations

Why TrialKit Drive for Data Reporting and Analytics?

Generate actionable clinical and business insights from one powerful tool. With TrialKit Drive at the wheel, you can generate interactive downloadable reports fueled by powerful analytics.

Real-time reporting

Get your questions answered in the moment with real-time reports that update automatically. Schedule those reports to run daily or weekly to a secure FTP or another location of choice.

Cost-effective metrics

Do you need convenient access to data and performance metrics? Are you on a tight budget? TrialKit Drive is an affordable, highly effective solution.

Answer burning questions

Whether you need a straightforward study summary or you want to track site progress, TrialKit Drive delivers the data. Reports include charts, graphs, and numbers for max usability.

Integrate with BI tools

Inform clinical development programs with detailed business intelligence (BI) insights. By working with one of our certified partners, you can access BI reports generated from common reporting engines like Looker Studio—all rich with data provided from TrialKit Drive. The result: robust reporting of key operational metrics. 

Example Reports

  • Form Data
  • Query Aging
  • Data Change Audit
  • Subject Visits
  • Site Payments
  • Medical Coding
  • Inventory
  • Queries
  • Site Progress
  • Subject Status

Advanced Business Intelligence Capabilities

Direct your data to a reporting tool, such as Spotfire, Tableau, or Looker Studio to generate custom, highly visual interactive reports. Leverage all of the metadata available within the TrialKit platform for truly advanced analytics and robust reporting of key operational metrics. These services may be provided by a certified CDS partner. Examples of interactive BI reports include:

  • Site Activation and First Enrolled Patient
  • Randomization Over Time
  • Deviations by Time and Site
  • Open Queries to Site’s Attention by Age
  • Required vs. Missing CRFs
  • Time to Data Entry from Target Visit Date
  • Pages Monitored Over Time by Site
  • Enrollments Over Time
  • Manually Issued Queries by Age
  • Adverse Events Split by Serious and Non-serious

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