TrialKit Remote Patient Monitoring and Wearables Integrations

Collect quality data from your patients remotely to launch smooth-running decentralized clinical trials and digital health studies.

What if you could build a decentralized clinical trial with truly seamless data integration?

TrialKit enables study teams to bring in data from mobile apps, wearables, and Bluetooth-enabled devices without data confusion. Run virtual and hybrid/decentralized clinical trials with less data hassle. Test software-as-a-medical device (SaMD) products on a platform built with mobile in mind.

We rely on TrialKit to document the collection of dried blood samples and upload data from users’ mobile devices to secure storage in the cloud. Collaborating with the experienced TrialKit team has been a very cost-effective method to rapidly design and test a capable and polished product.

Dr. Leigh Anderson, CEO of SISCAPA Assay Technologies

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Why Choose TrialKit for My
Decentralized Clinical Trial?

Integrating data from multiple data sources creates data management nightmares. Keep your team sleeping peacefully by using a data capture and management platform built with mobile in mind.

Works with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health

Capture signs of abnormal gait, heart abnormalities and other metrics right when they happen with the combination of a smart device and the TrialKit mobile app. Once patients submit data through the app, the research team can analyze the results and make decisions fast. All this, right out of the box.

Bring in Bluetooth

Directly integrate with Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors, CPAP machines, and other medical devices for smooth-running remote patient monitoring initiatives. Incorporate data from smart clothing, rings, hearing aids, and more for a more robust clinical picture.

Unlimited integration

TrialKit’s open API approach allows you to directly integrate wearable devices and Bluetooth-enabled medical devices. If there’s a device to measure it, we can integrate it.

Run patient-centric trials

Collect important health data without requiring your patients to jump through hoops. With the app running in the background, a wearable gathers valuable data while your patients live their lives. This makes it easier for patients to participate and stay engaged, which does wonders for adherence and retention.

Multiple sources, one repository

Ease the burden on your data managers with a decentralized clinical trial model based on a unified solution. TrialKit houses wearables data in a centralized cloud-based repository—the same repository used for study data and metadata—for easy access. Role-based permissions help protect data privacy.

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