TrialKit for Real-World Evidence Studies

Generate robust real-world evidence (RWE) with a SaaS solution with EHR-to-EDC connectivity.

To conduct real-world evidence (RWE) studies effectively requires a technology platform with real-world flexibility.

TrialKit provides the tools you need to design and execute RWE studies on your terms. ePRO, eSource (direct data capture), and EHR-to-EDC modules provide direct access to valuable real-world data (RWD).

Why Choose TrialKit for Real-World Evidence Studies?

TrialKit works seamlessly with almost any technology out there, regardless of operating system. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop environment allows you to build and execute your study right away—without waiting on programmers or tech support to get you going.

Limitless integrations

TrialKit works seamlessly with all external systems, wearable devices, and mobile- and web-based applications. It also plays well with external databases.

Ultimate accuracy

With data entered and/or transferred directly into the platform, TrialKit nearly eliminates duplicative data and manual data entry. Less room for error keeps costs low and data quality high.

Instant patient data

Our platform includes modules for eCOA/ePRO, remote patient monitoring, and wearables integration. With all data housed in a central location, you’re ensured complete data visibility throughout your study.

Get a complete audit trail

For compliance and ease of reporting, TrialKit offers a verifiable and reportable audit trail, including file versioning information.

Your data, your way

As one of the most versatile and easily configurable platforms available, TrialKit accommodates all types of RWE study protocols.

Scale to the sky

TrialKit has supported RWE studies with billions of data points. Reliable, secure cloud computing from Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps make this possible.

Ready to See TrialKit in Action?