TrialKit RTSM

A low-risk, ultra-efficient solution to manage your patients and your investigational products.

TrialKit simplifies complex randomization and trial supply (RTSM)/interactive response technology (IRT) activities by using straightforward drag-and-drop architecture for study configuration. Our randomization and inventory management tools integrate seamlessly with TrialKit EDC so you can execute your study faster—even when you change it midstream.

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Why TrialKit RTSM?

Save precious time on complex randomization activities and trial supply management with one login. TrialKit RTSM accommodates even the most complex randomization strategies for studies of all sizes. TrialKit’s drag-and-drop design tool allows you to make mid-study changes without disruption.

Randomize your way

Quickly and accurately randomize by any trigger event, randomize multiple times per study, and perform blinded or unblinded randomization. Configure and reconfigure at any time.

Run flexible study designs

TrialKit’s flexible architecture enables you to modify the protocol as the trial unfolds. No waiting for tech support. Address your patients’ unmet needs faster.

Dial in your inventory

Lower your risk of over- or undersupplying your sites with investigational product (IP) and other clinical trial supplies for substantial cost savings. Automatically trigger site shipments according to defined criteria and dosing schedules.

Full visibility, automatically

Set up automated workflows and get complete visibility into participant data. TrialKit randomization and trial supply management integrate seamlessly with TrialKit EDC.

Inventory insights

Never miss a beat with full drug history reviews, inventory disposition, distribution trends, site audits and other reports. Complex dosing schedules may benefit from patient- or site-specific reports.

What’s the Difference Between RTSM and IRT?

Randomization and trial supply (RTSM) is an advanced form of interactive response technology (IRT). IRT systems typically allow study teams to randomize patients and receive a kit assignment, either by phone or interactive web response. RTSM takes it one step further by offering IRT functions as well as drug/dose calculations and robust inventory management.

How it Works

When a site is activated, the system picks inventory items based on the predefined site ceiling.

The distributor and site are notified of the items to expect, their lot, item number, and expiration date.

The system informs the distributor to ship the allotted items to the site.

When the items are received, the site logs their receipt in the system.

These items become available for study participants.

When site inventory hits the predetermined floor level, the product is automatically reordered based on the inventory available at the distribution center.

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