TrialKit Payment Manager

Maintain positive site relationships by automating on-time site payments.

Would you like to retain your status as a preferred research partner?

Process site payments on time from study start-up to study close. TrialKit Payment Manager allows you to take full control of your site payments for fast, efficient processing.

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Why TrialKit for Managing Payments?

Are spreadsheets slowing down your payment process? Timely payments are crucial for positive relationships between sponsors, CROs, and sites. TrialKit Payment Manager takes this task off your plate with full visibility into the process.

Focus on the research

Stop wasting time following up on late payments. Automated payments ensure stakeholders focus on the research, not invoices.

Connect payments to tasks

With only a single source of data in the TrialKit platform, you can connect site payments to certain tasks, such as data entry completion or investigator sign-off.

Full payment visibility

Both sites and sponsors have access to payment history for improved transparency and visibility.

Track trial activities

To improve payment accuracy and timeliness, TrialKit Payment Manager tracks completed forms, visits, and other activities.

Use your preferred payment processor

TrialKit Payment Manager integrates with third-party payment processors, so you can maintain your existing payment technology.

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