TrialKit for Patient Registry Studies

Accelerate your research with the most connected SaaS platform on the market.

Gain a competitive advantage by conducting patient registry and disease registry studies with TrialKit

TrialKit was designed to use with minimal training, which means you can get up and running faster. TrialKit’s open API architecture enables seamless integration with most databases, for accelerated patient registry studies and high-quality data.

Why Choose TrialKit for Patient Registry Studies?

Patient registry studies are an efficient, affordable way to broaden understanding of certain patient populations and disease states. TrialKit gives clinical trial sponsors, nonprofit organizations, and academic research institutions an easy way to leverage these databases without sacrificing compute power.

Study- and device-agnostic

TrialKit is the only mobile-native EDC that works for all types of trials: traditional, hybrid/decentralized, and 100% virtual. It’s compatible with modern devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Eliminate manual data entry

How would you like to conduct 70% less manual data entry? In addition to entering data manually into the EDC, you can bypass that step by capturing data at the source. Direct data capture eliminates time-consuming data entry. EHR-to-EDC connectivity cuts down that workload even more.

Build studies yourself

You don’t have to have a programming background to use TrialKit. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for researchers to build studies, edit forms, and generate reports.

Replicate studies yourself

Don’t wait on us to launch another study. Our flexible technology and pricing enable you to replicate studies without starting from scratch. This allows you to reduce your team’s workload, improve efficiency, and cut costs—without cutting corners.

Enter data from your mobile device

Physicians and researchers can enter data via their own smartphone or tablet using the TrialKit mobile app. All TrialKit modules are accessible via either web or mobile app, so you can do your research from anywhere.

Create public or closed registries

Traditional patient registry builds are slow and expensive. With TrialKit, you can build the registry, then let patients find it and register themselves. 

Role-based permissions

Configure access to TrialKit for sponsor representatives, physicians, and researchers, among others. TrialKit’s role-based permissions provide an extra layer of security by giving stakeholders the right level of accessibility.

Ready to See TrialKit in Action?