TrialKit PACS

Access, interact with, and even adjudicate clinical trial imaging from the same platform where you manage all other study data.

TrialKit PACS seamlessly integrates Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images for easy viewing.

Researchers can now engage with a broad spectrum of medical images, including X-rays, MRI, and CT scans, directly within the TrialKit platform.

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Why TrialKit PACS?

By integrating DICOM images into TrialKit, we offer a centralized hub for all study data. This consolidation eliminates the need for separate systems to view and manage imaging and other trial data, enhancing efficiency and saving time.

Real-time access and evaluation of DICOM imaging

Researchers can instantly access and evaluate medical images, enabling faster, informed decisions that protect patient safety and data quality.

Robust image interaction

TrialKit’s DICOM viewer is equipped with a range of tools for in-depth image analysis. Researchers can calibrate,  zoom, pan, and adjust image view settings, providing a detailed examination of clinical trial imaging.

Anonymize, annotate and collaborate

DICOM data can be quickly anonymized to prevent sharing of sensitive data. Users can annotate images and collaborate with other viewers in real-time, sharing insights, confirming findings, and identifying discrepancies. 

Easily integrate imaging into your data analytics

The integration of DICOM images into TrialKit’s analytic capabilities allows for a more holistic analysis of trial data. Researchers can easily correlate imaging data with other trial metrics all within the TrialKit platform, allowing them to reach deeper study insights more quickly than ever.

Customizable dashboard reporting

Configure and generate customizable dashboard reports that include imaging data alongside other clinical trial metrics. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of trial progress and outcomes, essential for stakeholder reporting.

Secure and compliant cloud storage

TrialKit ensures the highest standards of data integrity and compliance. Our platform adheres to global regulatory requirements, guaranteeing that the storage and handling of medical images meet stringent security protocols.

Audit trails for enhanced accountability

Every interaction with DICOM images within TrialKit is meticulously logged. These audit trails enhance accountability and transparency, critical for regulatory compliance and data integrity.

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