Triall Partners With Crucial Data Solutions to Realize the World’s First End-to-End eClinical Platform Powered by Blockchain

Triall will onboard the globally deployed eClinical platform of Crucial Data Solutions into the Triall ecosystem, offering clinical researchers around the world with access to Triall’s blockchain APIs that strengthen clinical trial data integrity, auditability, and interoperability.

MAARSSEN, Netherlands, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Triall, a tokenized platform for blockchain-enabled clinical trial technology, has partnered with Crucial Data Solutions (CDS), an eClinical software provider that offers a range of specialized applications for clinical trial data collection and management. Over the past decade, CDS has been a proven and leading innovator in the eClinical software industry, having implemented its eClinical solutions in over 7,000 clinical trials worldwide.

As part of this partnership, Triall will integrate its blockchain APIs with the eClinical solutions of CDS, realizing the world’s first end-to-end platform of eClinical solutions powered by blockchain. The platform covers all core clinical trial functions to radically advance data integrity, auditability, and interoperability in the global clinical trials industry.

The landmark partnership is a major leap forward for Triall as it enables the company to innovate on top of a validated eClinical platform that is trusted by thousands of industry professionals globally. Offered as part of the Triall ecosystem, the eClinical solutions will apply blockchain to generate verifiable proof of the integrity of clinical trial data, documents, and processes. Moreover, Triall leverages Decentralized Identity technologies and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) standards to facilitate interoperability across clinical trial systems and activities.

The Triall-CDS partnership is fully geared towards offering a future-proof platform that fits with emerging trends in the clinical trial industry, including real-world data collection and decentralized trial designs, while optimizing efficiency and reliability.

The partnership also has wild implications for Triall’s platform native utility token TRL, which grows in utility with the expansion of Triall’s software stack. TRL is used to pay for all software offered within the Triall ecosystem and was launched last year after a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised 2.4 million USD from over 1,500 investors. Prior to its token launch, Triall developed and commercialized its blockchain-integrated document management system Verial eTMF, which marked the world’s first implementation of blockchain in live and running clinical trials.

“Both CDS and Triall share a common vision where patients and sponsors of clinical research expect and deserve improved data privacy, security, and accountability. This partnership brings the future forward by giving patients unprecedented confidence in knowing that their data is secure and their privacy is protected.” – Jeff Rogers, President at Crucial Data Solutions

“Clinical trials have become increasingly digital, data-driven, and decentralized. This underlines the need for an end-to-end eClinical platform that unifies and secures all essential trial activities and processes. We have found the ideal partner in CDS and are very excited to continue our journey together.” – Hadil Es-Sbai, CEO at Triall

About Triall
Triall brings Web3 to medical research by creating a digital ecosystem of blockchain-integrated software solutions that secure and streamline clinical trials. Triall’s solutions make clinical trials tamper-resistant and enable secure and efficient integrations between the many isolated systems and parties involved in clinical trial processes. Triall’s software is co-created with clinical trial professionals to ensure optimal user experience, solving actual industry pain points.

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About Crucial Data Solutions
Founded in 2010, Crucial Data Solutions (CDS) provides the most innovative “low-code/no-code” data and clinical trial management technology on the market today. TrialKit, our cloud-based platform available via both a web and native mobile app, enables end-to-end clinical trial management for medical device, diagnostics, digital therapeutics, and biotechnology, companies of all sizes. Design and deploy validated studies in days not weeks using our intuitive study builder that requires no programming. Over 10,000 global users have leveraged the flexibility of TrialKit to deploy over 7,000 studies across all phases of development, including Verily (a subsidiary of Alphabet), ICON GPHS, FUEL Studios, Catalyst Clinical Research, SISCAPA Assay Technologies, CDx Diagnostics, and Optinose, and many more.

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