Crucial Data Solutions Announces New Public Patient Registry Feature for Mobile App

CDS’ eClinical platform, TrialKit, now offers sponsors and CROs the ability to create global registries in which the public can self-enroll and participate in studies from their mobile device

RENO, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crucial Data Solutions, Inc. (CDS), a provider of innovative software to advance clinical research, announced today a new functionality on their mobile app, TrialKit, that enables people to self-enroll in global patient registries and participate in research directly from their smartphone or tablet.

TrialKit is an end-to-end data collection and study management platform available through any web browser or smart device with an iOS or Android operating system. CDS clients, such as sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs), can now design their own public registries in TrialKit and enroll participants in a validated research platform with no involvement required of sites. The mobile app can be securely accessed by researchers throughout the process and by study participants who can select the Registry Enrollment option and view all available opportunities available to them for possible enrollment.

“We’re excited to offer this new TrialKit functionality and allow life sciences companies the ability to create public registries where any interested party can self-enroll for any sort of research or data collection initiative,” said Jeff Rogers, President of Crucial Data Solutions. “Furthermore, we’re proud to apply this new feature to TrialKit and offer a public COVID-19 antibody registry that we expect to provide great insights.”

This past week, CDS unveiled its first public registry for patient-reported outcomes (PROs) for anyone interested in sharing their COVID information through TrialKit’s self-registration features. The COVID-19 Antibody Registry (CAR) seeks to better understand how immunity works by evaluating antibody concentrations in participants who have either tested positive for COVID-19, received one of the available vaccines, or both. The COVID-19 Antibody Registry for PROs is now open to any person in the world who is willing to take an antibody test for COVID-19. Leigh J Mack, MD, PhD, FAPCR, CPI, is serving as the principal investigator for CAR.

“Patient-reported outcomes can effectively be employed to better understand specific outcomes experienced by a person and also further understand the personal experience and opinions after a treatment or intervention. Today, many companies use PROs to evaluate patient outcomes related to both pharmaceuticals and medical devices,” said Dr. Leigh J Mack.

About Crucial Data Solutions

Founded in 2010, Crucial Data Solutions (CDS) provides the most innovative and affordable data collection and clinical trial management technology on the market today. TrialKit, our cloud-based platform available via a web interface and downloadable native mobile app, enables end-to-end clinical trial management for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies of all sizes.

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