New Technology Brings EHR Data to the Forefront of Clinical Research

Two innovative technology companies are leading the way to make EHR systems a more accessible tool in the clinical research industry.


Crucial Data Solutions, Inc.™, together with strategic partner Zircon Technologies™, announce the official release of a software solution to accelerate the clinical trials process. Zircon Technologies’ platform, TrialKit AI, parses unstructured data from any EHR (Electronic Health Record) format or lab data from an existing eSource and populates it via web service in Crucial Data Solutions’ TrialKit EDC system as clean, structured data. Both TrialKit AI and TrialKit EDC provide users with a 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant environment.

Oncotherapeutics, a contract research organization (CRO), has joined in the efforts to pioneer the use of this ground-breaking technology and experience first-hand how it will improve the time spent on data review. The oncology-specific CRO will be implementing TrialKit AI at one of its sites in a pilot study in early 2018.

TrialKit AI was created to conquer an ongoing challenge for clinical research coordinators (CRCs): source data verification. CRCs simply export PDF files containing data, text notes, and adverse events from an EHR system, and then anonymize them with the TrialKit AI desktop app before uploading to TrialKit. CRCs can then view, edit, verify, and submit the rendered eCRF (electronic case report form).

This process, with minimal disruption to workflow, quickens the data verification and cleaning process at least tenfold and decreases possibility of errors. TrialKit AI is particularly appealing to research teams who use several EHR systems; the application is capable of digesting data from most platforms used today, without any integration needed.

CRCs are also able to upload scanned or faxed documents to the application – a feature that is entirely unique to TrialKit AI. The application allows study monitors to easily identify which line on the eCRF was filled out from the source document and make a direct comparison. Monitors can do this data verification completely remote. A difficult job requiring various site visits is now much easier without the need to verify data physically at study sites.

Zircon’s web-based application utilizes AccelAPI, an engine that takes any unstructured data, such as a doctor’s note found in most EHR systems, and parses all relevant data from the document. Because AccelAPI is accessed from a RESTful Web Service, it can be used with nearly any software program. In addition, it categorizes the data and makes it available for countless uses including clinical trial data, registry data and participant recruitment and prescreening.

This technology is highly relevant today; many data banks are comprised of unstructured data or PDF documents. AccelAPI is able to take that raw data and convert it to highly useful, analyzable information. When reached for comment, Vikas Vavilala, President of Sales and Marketing for Zircon Technologies, explains, “This technology will change the landscape of how we store – and more importantly – how we retrieve clinical research information. Imagine: in the time it takes to change a lightbulb, research teams can create a 10 year registry in a relational database populated with highly relevant, structured data or populating 80 percent of a clinical trial. The EHR system is now a very important tool in the clinical research industry.”

To learn more about how these two companies are addressing EHR/EDC interoperability needs, or to schedule a product demonstration to see how unstructured data can be made into structured and analyzable data, please contact Crucial Data Solutions’ Product Manager, Cody Wilke, at

About Crucial Data Solutions

Crucial Data Solutions, Inc. is a forward-thinking company dedicated to developing innovative technologies that reduce the cost of medical research by equipping clinical professionals with the tools they need to advance treatments that enable patients with life-altering conditions to lead better lives. We believe clinical research should be a true partnership between ourselves, research professionals, caregivers, and patients worldwide.

About Zircon Technologies

Zircon Technologies is a technology company that is focused on accelerating clinical trials. Our software works together with the EDC to empower clinical sites to automate manual processes and alleviate painful bottlenecks in recruitment and monitoring. By coupling proprietary NLP and machine learning algorithms with a plug and play integration process, Zircon is able to seamlessly integrate with EHR systems and empower an optimized process for any trial.

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