Latest Updates Make TrialKit Coder an Optimal Solution for Event and Medication Coding

Crucial Data Solutions, Inc. has released a new version of its medical coding platform, TrialKit Coder, to provide users with enhanced features and greater configurability.


Crucial Data Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the release of its latest update to TrialKit Coder, a medical coding platform for clinical trial data management. This release makes TrialKit Coder the industry’s most robust tool for event and medication coding. The platform supports the most current formats for WHODrug (B3/C3) and MedDRA (20.1), as well as custom dictionaries to help medical coding professionals optimize efficiency and clean the data. A number of enhancements were made to make TrialKit Coder more configurable and capable than ever:

  1. Modernized User Experience
    TrialKit Coder’s new user interface has a fresh, modern look to accommodate its users and make navigation more fluid than before. The updated design makes the platform intuitive and easy to learn for medical coding professionals with varying degrees of experience. For those who are looking to transition from dsNavigator, the learning curve is minimal with TrialKit Coder. Moreover, past synonyms or local dictionaries can be imported for continued use without the need to rebuild all the hard work done in the past.
  2. Standalone ApplicationNow available as an individual platform for medical coding professionals, TrialKit Coder appeals to research teams who desire a coding tool that is not part of a larger platform used for other purposes. TrialKit Coder will also remain available as an additional function of Crucial Data Solutions’ eClinical system, TrialKit.
  3. Faster Operating Speed
    Users will find the latest version of TrialKit Coder runs noticeably faster than what they are accustomed to with other coding systems. Using modern front-end web architecture and web services, immediate response when clicking, tapping, and selecting is the new standard.
  4. Streamlined Importing ProcessImporting files into TrialKit Coder has been made much faster. Simply import a file, define the columns you want to see in the interface, and map which columns should be used by the auto-coder.Aside from these new changes, TrialKit Coder’s staple features and functionality still remain: it allows for instant and unlimited exporting to any file format, revision control and auditing of all changes, and customized coding review and approval workflows.

    Crucial Data Solutions’ innovative technology for clinical trial medical coding is not confined to desktop use only. TrialKit Coder is also available as an app, making it the only certified mobile solution for adverse event and concomitant drug coding. The app gives medical coding professionals ultimate flexibility to code, review, and approve virtually anytime and anyplace.

    To learn more about TrialKit Coder or request a product demonstration, visit

About Crucial Data Solutions

Crucial Data Solutions, Inc. is a forward-thinking company dedicated to developing innovative technologies that reduce the cost of medical research by equipping clinical professionals with the tools they need to advance treatments that enable patients with life-altering conditions to lead better lives. We believe clinical research should be a true partnership between ourselves, research professionals, caregivers, and patients worldwide.

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