Losing dsNavigator? Look No Further for a Medical Coding System

Clinical research coding professionals tout TrialKit Coder as the best medical coding system available on the market to replace dsNavigator.


With the first quarter of 2017 now in the books, the search to find a replacement coding system for the soon-to-be discontinued dsNavigator ensues. TrialKit Coder, designed and developed by Crucial Data Solutions Inc. (CDS), has been proclaimed by numerous medical coders as the best solution to replace dsNavigator. TrialKit Coder shortens the learning curve through its intuitive and straightforward user interface.

When reached for comment, VP Product Management, Cody Wilke, had this to say, “ TrialKit Coder was designed as a solution for those accustomed to dsNavigator. After speaking with medical coders, we learned they were used to a specific workflow; therefore, we built the requirements around their needs, so there would be little to re-learn. And, by taking advantage of user input, additional enhancements were implemented to make it the most robust, feature-filled system available. TrialKit Coder is the only coding tool accessible on the web AND as a native mobile app.”

TrialKit Coder’s API and web services integration allows for seamless access with any EDC system, which was reported to be particularly appealing to many medical coders. The fact that it’s also available as a stand-alone tool is a true bonus. Realizing the importance of flexibility in medical coding, CDS created TrialKit Coder to be a highly configurable system: it allows for instant and unlimited exporting, revision control and auditing of all changes, and customized coding review and approval workflows. TrialKit Coder’s synonym dictionary management supports custom dictionaries and boasts speedy searches. While TrialKit Coder allows for manual coding, its auto-coding tool will accelerate the process, saving research teams both time and money.

Currently the only certified native iOS app on the market, research professionals appreciate TrialKit Coder’s capability to code and approve on-the-go. Both mobile and web-based versions of TrialKit Coder are WHODrug B2/C and B3 format and MedDRA dictionary certified, ensuring data submissions adhere to CDISC SDTM standards. As one of the few systems certified for the B3 format, medical coders expressed confidence in TrialKit Coder, knowing that data entered in the system will be compliant with FDA regulations.

To learn more about TrialKit Coder or request a product demonstration, visit https://crucialdatasolutions.com/trialkit-coder/.

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