TrialKit eSource (Direct Data Capture)

Gain confidence in your clinical research data with direct data capture (DDC).

How would you like to slash timelines by over 30%? Get rid of time-consuming manual transcription?
Nearly eliminate SDV?

With TrialKit eSource, you can.

With data flowing directly into the EDC via eSource, your staff can spend less time at the computer and more time with patients. And because eSource nearly eliminates the need for source data verification (SDV), you’ll dramatically reduce trial costs.

Why TrialKit eSource?

Direct data capture with TrialKit eSource captures patient data at the moment of creation. Instead of transcribing data from a paper chart or from an electronic medical record (EMR), data transfers directly into the EDC app, allowing you to collect patient data weeks faster. TrialKit eSource is also ideal for remote and hybrid clinical trials where patients must submit eCOA/ePRO assessments and health data from home.

Shorten timelines by 4-6 weeks

eSource direct data capture requires almost no manual data entry or SDV.

Run patient- and site-centric decentralized clinical trials

Free up staff resources while easily integrating ePRO mobile app and wearables data collection methods.

Enable RBQM approaches

eSource ties well with risk-based quality management approaches, including centralized remote monitoring and remote source data review (SDR).

Get real-time data access

Real-time edit checks and automated notification preserve data quality.

Collect diverse data

Easily sync photos, video, audio, annotations, and e-signatures into the EDC for quick evaluation.

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