TrialKit eCOA/ePRO

Planning to launch a patient-centric decentralized clinical trial? Give your clinical trial patients an app that makes it easy to participate—from anywhere at any time.

Simplify clinical trial participation with an integrated eCOA and ePRO solution

TrialKit’s electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) and electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) platform integrates with all currently available wearables, mobile operating systems, and web applications. Whether you collect data in the clinic, with provisioned devices, or take a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach, you can count on seamless data sharing and efficient study execution.

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Why TrialKit eCOA/ePRO?

Hassle-free data sharing

TrialKit eCOA/ePRO complement TrialKit EDC and eSource as part of a unified hybrid/decentralized clinical trial solution. Our open API approach enables integration to/from other external systems if you choose.

Empower your sites

Alert site staff when patients experience adverse events and reactions for rapid response. Automated notifications based on real-time data make it happen.

Produce cleaner data

The combination of eCOA/ePRO and electronic case report forms (eCRFs) dramatically reduces the risk of data duplication for less data cleaning and less source data verification (SDV).

Improve patient retention

Patients are more likely to enroll, stay enrolled, and follow the protocol when it’s easy to do so. TrialKit eCOA/ePRO checks that box by allowing BYOD approaches as well as patient-clinician handoffs without patient login.

Real-time data access

Monitor patient adherence and progress in real time. When it’s time for study close-out, your data are ready.

Flexible forms

Access a library of standardized assessments. Configure fields and enable photo/video uploading with a few drag-and-drop moves.

Automate participant reimbursements

Through our integration with nmible, automatically and securely issue reimbursements within the TrialKit platform as participants comply with required data submission activities for studies.

TrialKit eCOA/ePRO: How It Works

Photo, video, and audio upload directly into the eCRF

Interactive image capability 

Out-of-the-box connectivity with Apple Health and Google Fit

to collect real-world data including heart rate, step motion, range of motion, and more.

Enforce survey completion

by sending reminders via email, push, and/or SMS notifications that guide study participants directly to their surveys

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