TrialKit AI for EHR to EDC Connectivity

Create robust clinical trial datasets. Prevent data loss. Eliminate duplication. All with our EHR-to-EDC technology.

Create full pictures of your clinical trial participants with access to electronic health record (EHR) data from your EDC.

Develop targeted patient recruitment strategies, learn about disease prevalence, and generate real-world evidence without endless transcription or data cleaning. TrialKit AI brings together EHR and EDC data seamlessly using a machine learning API.

This solution specifically addresses both the vision outlined in the 21st Century Cures Act for EHR-EDC interoperability and the US FDA’s interest in industry working together to fix this problem. It also allows us to finally step through the front door to the next frontier in research where research costs to sponsors can be dramatically reduced, time to market is improved, and patient access to new therapies is faster.

Alethea Wieland, Founder and President, Clinical Research Strategies

Why Trust Your EHR to EDC Communication to TrialKit AI?

Over 70% of data are duplicated between a site’s EHR and EDC systems. TrialKit AI facilitates data sharing between these systems, eliminating inefficiencies, redundancies, and data-entry errors. With barriers broken, clinical care informs your clinical research, and vice versa.

Stop the swivel chair

With automatic data sharing from the EHR to the EDC, study teams can devote the weeks normally spent on data transcription and cleaning to higher-value activities. Source data verification (SDV) isn’t needed either. 

Optimize your research

Use EHR data to inform inclusion/exclusion criteria, streamlining study recruitment. Generate real-world evidence to support regulatory approval, reimbursement, and to explore how your product works in specific populations.

Use it with any EHR and EDC

TrialKit uses a proprietary machine learning API to bring unstructured EHR system data into a structured EDC database. Use it with the TrialKit platform or as a standalone tool.

Ensures a compliant environment

TrialKit AI complies with 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA requirements by anonymizing EHR data.

Save money

TrialKit AI saves you the time and cost of building an integration tool in house. And with a seamless flow of data from EHR records to the EDC system you can execute your study ten times faster, leading to substantial labor cost savings.

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