TrialKit eConsent

Electronic informed consent for patient-centric decentralized clinical trials.

Help your patients make informed decisions without burying them in paper

With electronic informed consent (eConsent) software, your patients can access consent forms using any device they choose. And because it’s part of TrialKit’s unified platform, both your patients and your study team get a seamless experience.

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Why TrialKit eConsent?

Today’s clinical trials put patients’ needs first. TrialKit’s eConsent software makes complicated informed consent documents easier for patients to understand. And when they know what they’re signing up for, they’re more likely to enroll and stay enrolled. Fewer dropouts helps keep your study on track so you can get to market faster.

Improve patient retention

Patients receive clear explanations with educational hyperlinks, pop-up windows, photos, and videos. After consenting or reconsenting, patients automatically receive a copy of the consent forms. Improved communication and transparency leads to more committed, engaged patients.

Provide a better patient experience

eConsent allows patients to review documents at a place and time that’s most convenient – on their computer or on their mobile device. Using handoff mode, they can also complete informed consent on site with a clinician.

Run smoother global studies

Patients no longer have to visit a research site to sign a bunch of forms. They can consent from “virtually” anywhere: from home, from the office, or from a clinic. Translations in 16 languages makes your trial more accessible across ethnic groups.

Consent forms your way

Customize forms to suit patients’ needs using TrialKit’s drag-and-drop form builder. Create custom forms for each site, for pediatric and adult patients, and more. Automated email notifications keep everyone informed every step of the way.

Real-time access

Study teams can access consent data from anywhere using TrialKit’s web or mobile app. Role-based permissions keep data secure.

Improve study efficiency

TrialKit eConsent helps ensure only consented or patients move forward in your study. Automated workflows and reporting help you deploy reconsent and track which patients have provided consent. That way, you only collect data on patients who have fully executed consent.

TrialKit eConsent: How it Works

Study participant eSignature

Handoff manager

Quick view of consented participants

PDF of consent report

eConsent form with links to video and PDF

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