How to Shorten the Duration of a Clinical Study Build

It’s no secret that the research and development of medical treatments is both costly and cumbersome. The price tag to get a treatment to market is estimated at $2.7 billion; not to mention, the time it takes for a drug to go from a mere concept to being approved and marketable is a lengthy 12 years. While there isn’t a singular solution to the complexities and obstacles afflicting the clinical trial industry, steps can be taken toward improving the trial design and study build process today. Keeping with our mission to lower the cost of research and make life-improving treatments more accessible, we’ve developed TrialKit to make building out and validating a study as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Here’s a glimpse at the ways we’re helping research teams complete their study builds ahead of schedule:

No programming or special training needed

Having a thorough understanding of how to build a study in an eClinical system shouldn’t cost weeks spent in training and more money out of your budget. Quite the contrary, an eClinical system should require very little orientation training and absolutely no coding expertise. After initial training with our product experts, you’ll be able to make immediate headway on designing a study in TrialKit without any technological hurdles. TrialKit is user-friendly enough that even first-time electronic data capture (EDC) users can independently accomplish virtually any type of edit check or form logic, no matter how complex. It has helped many young companies deploy compliant clinical trials easily with minimal frustration.

Quick and easy form building

An intuitive form building platform can make all the difference when it comes to designing case report forms (CRFs). The form builder in TrialKit is powered by a drag-and-drop interface that allows for highly configurable form design, so research teams have full control over form properties and layout, as well as the conditions for every field. Edit checks and form logic are straightforward to set up within the form builder to ensure clinical data of the highest quality is being gathered and compliance is maintained. Fields such as images, audio, and barcode scans can easily be dragged onto a field for advanced data collection via the TrialKit mobile app as well.

Testing and validating forms

Once each CRF for a study has been designed, it’s time to test and validate them for accuracy. This once-tedious task is expedited with TrialKit. Using the mobile app on any smartphone or tablet, test CRFs and view the results immediately. A built-in auto-validation function on the web allows for test records to be created in batches and run against test scripts to check validations are firing as intended.

Seamless experience

Many tools in the industry require filling out a form to create a form. In such cases, there is a significant level of jumping from page to page. In the end, you get to see what you created. This is not the case with TrialKit. On a single page view, you are watching your forms develop as you create them in real-time. In the end, there are no surprises of having to go backward or start from scratch.

Customer support available 24/7

You will never be alone during a clinical study build in TrialKit. Should you encounter any roadblocks or have pressing questions, our customer support team is always standing by to provide you with the answers you need to keep the process moving – throughout trial design and beyond. In addition to our resourceful product experts, the system is also supplemented by a comprehensive self-help portal that is chock-full of helpful hints and time-savers.

Affordable pricing

TrialKit is available on an affordable monthly subscription basis. The platform’s pricing structure was created to make advanced clinical data collection and study management software more accessible to all research teams and to make steps toward lowering the cost of research.

How much time do all of these factors truly save you on your clinical study build? While this varies from trial to trial, many TrialKit users have successfully learned the system, built a study, and deployed it for data collection to multiple sites within a 30 day window. Some of these users had a great background in planning and building studies, but a number were also building for the first time. Since its creation nearly a decade ago, TrialKit has become an eClinical system that’s suitable for experienced builders and first-time builders alike.

Have questions on how we can help improve the study build process for your next clinical trial? Contact us today.

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