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  • The Future Role of the Data Manager

    The role of the data manager has experienced an evolution since the early days of paper-based clinical trials. In this post, we take a glimpse into the future to explore what data management will encompass as time goes on.

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  • 5 Reasons for Sponsors to Build Their Own Study in EDC

    Sponsor companies needn’t feel restricted to sourcing out their study builds to CROs. Many times, they can accomplish their own builds with the right EDC system – and save considerable resources.

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  • The Price of Medical Research

    EDC is no exception to the high costs associated with the healthcare industry. And as technology continues to evolve, researchers need an EDC that will keep pace with the rest of their tools. TrialKit is one system that provides an overdue solution to begin attacking unnecessary high costs at their point of origin.

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  • CRF Validation Done Right – Part 2

    Because it was designed with CRF validation in mind, TrialKit automatically performs and documents all the steps required for CRF validation.

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  • CRF Validation Done Right – Part 1

    Validation of case report forms is a necessary, but often painful, process. The IQ/OQ/PQ standard, which we explain in this post, is used by most governing bodies, including the FDA.

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