Modern Solutions for Modern Clinical Trials – The Benefits of Mobile EDC Access

Clinical trials continue to move closer to patients. Improvements to data collection technologies and processes, a robust high-speed internet infrastructure, and pressure from regulators to make research more inclusive are converging, making exclusively site-based study designs increasingly rare. Many patients, now, can participate fully in clinical trials largely from home by utilizing remote data collection technologies such as ePRO, eConsent, virtual visits, and more. They do so, largely, from mobile devices – often their very own smartphones. This allows research teams to collect highly accurate data more frequently than is possible with periodic site visits using a variety of dedicated research applications.

While approaches are evolving quickly on the data collection side of things, the same can’t be said for data access and monitoring. Almost all electronic data capture platforms still require study team members to be sitting in front of a computer to access study data. So, while patients are continuing to submit data around the clock, researchers are only seeing progress when they can boot up their laptops or office workstations. When potential problems pop up, study teams could find themselves hours or days too late to respond, resulting in the failure to prevent dropouts or worse, adverse events. 

Access Wherever You Are

Researchers need the ability to keep up with the relentless flow of data that is now commonplace with today’s clinical trials. Luckily, there is one solution. TrialKit is the only research platform in the world that allows study team members truly mobile EDC access with a downloadable native app, unlocking important benefits for researchers, such as:


Study team members can seamlessly go back and forth between mobile applications and browser-based access. If you get up from your desk, go to lunch, or start your commute home, you won’t miss important notifications that can help you identify possible patient problems and intervene to keep patients safe and prevent study delays.

Real-Time Confidence

TrialKit applies proprietary technology to ensure that everything that enters the EDC, whether from the mobile application or browser, is reflected in real-time. From ePROs and data from wearable devices to significant protocol changes, everything is immediately reflected in the database. Whenever a study coordinator needs access, they can be assured that what they are seeing – whether on their computer screen or on their smartphone – is accurate and up to date. 

The New Standard for Modern Trials

It only makes sense that researchers need around-the-clock, mobile access to study data. For studies to reach and enroll broader, more diverse populations of patients, protocols will demand more and more remote data collection strategies. As trials become increasingly decentralized, study teams need to be able to monitor the influx of data in real-time. Solutions like TrialKit can help study managers access data from anywhere. If data trends point to potential adverse events, mobile access to EDC information can allow researchers to act fast to protect participants. If data shows that certain patient requirements seem to result in low compliance, study leaders can quickly make any necessary protocol changes to help prevent dropouts. This level of data access is certain to become an industry best-practice – if not a standard – sooner than later. Fortunately, you can take advantage of TrialKit to give you the mobile access you need right away.

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