Recapping 2018 at Crucial Data Solutions

We rolled out some major updates to TrialKit’s web-based platform and mobile app with a goal to make compliant clinical data management as efficient as possible. Below are some of the year’s highlights at a glance:

1st Quarter

A TrialKit system update included reporting objects that can be defined to take advanced looks at study progress and clinical endpoints, and display them directly within a study web page or downloadable PDF.

Research teams facilitating clinical trials on TrialKit may now store their data on a private cloud server via AWS, allowing for more control over the hardware and an added measure for safeguarding their data.

2nd Quarter

The development team made massive strides on a standalone version of TrialKit Coder, a medical coding platform, making it a fully separate platform but still auto-integrated for studies collecting their data in TrialKit.

We began hosting data at an Ireland-based data center for European clients as per GDPR regulations.

3rd Quarter

TrialKit was officially launched on Google Play for Android devices, making it available on 99 percent of the world’s smartphones.

TrialKit Coder was enhanced to include support of log tables and ability to pull in any other data pertinent for coding to each record.

ePRO and new handoff mode on TrialKit bring greater flexibility for patients to enter their own data.

4th Quarter

A recent update incorporated Apple’s biometric technologies for user authentication using TrialKit so that iPhone users may sign in to the app via facial recognition or fingerprint recognition.

Inventory management capabilities received enhancements. Document scanning was also added to TrialKit for Android.

What To Look For in 2019

  • Improved adjudication on the mobile app and making it fully available on the web-based platform
  • Improved reporting and scheduling
  • Enhanced flexibility with AWS and study-specific data center control
  • Even more in store…

While we are grateful for the success we’ve witnessed our clients experience throughout the year, we’re even more optimistic about the accomplishments we anticipate in 2019. The entire team at Crucial Data Solutions looks forward to a continued future of lowering the cost of medical research and making a difference in the lives of patients everywhere.

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